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Compliance focus in Singapore

Rossendales Singapore, adheres to a strict code of conduct to ensure a prompt and professional delivery of our Private Debt Collection, Corporate Debt Recovery & Services business can work effectively without proper conduct and compliance.

At Rossendales Debt Collection Singapore, our hard-working debt collectors adhere to strict rules and regulations that govern the Debt Recovery & Financial Industry. All our debt recovery & collection actions are conducted within the law and in a professional manner. You can trust Rossendales Singapore and it’s proud 25 year history with all your private debt collection, commercial debt recovery and credit management services.

Rossendales Singapore is compliant

Rossendales sets the compliance benchmark in ethical debt collection. Our debt collectors are fully licensed and operate within the law. Our debt collectors, and our business partners, demand and expect mutual business and reputation protection through a strong compliance with debt recovery rules and regulations.

Rossendales Singapore follows a Code of Conduct

Our debt collectors are committed to and have to continued to follow the Debt collection guidelines: for collectors and creditors into our internal Code of Conduct. Following this Code of Conduct and our business’ policies forms part of our employment contracts and is something we take very seriously.

Rossendales Singapore is Fully-Licensed

Rossendales Singapore is an accredited Debt Collection & Debt Recovery Agency. Our debt collectors are fully licensed and regularly audited, to ensure the highest quality services are provided to YOU, our valued client. We may continue to go on about being a Licensed Debt Collection Company, but we feel it is important to know you are in safe and reliable hands with Rossendales Singapore.

Rossendales Singapore offers external dispute resolution services

Rossendales Singapore provides our clients with independent external complaint and dispute resolution facilities. This delivers a free and impartial adjudication service of our business activities and conduct.

Rossendales Singapore is compliance audited

Our business partners regularly audit our collection operations to ensure regulatory and contractual compliance.

Our independent Internal Auditor critically evaluates the effectiveness and application of our policies and procedures and our compliance programs across operational, administrative and financial spheres.

Financial Hardship

Rossendales Singapore understands that sometimes things simply don’t go your way. We’re not one of those debt collectors that bangs down your door and demands money. Rossendales Singapore allows its customers who are experiencing genuine financial difficulty the opportunity to vary or amend their contract so that they can continue to meet their credit obligations. We want to help you get out of debt sooner.

To find out why more people choose us for their debt solution needs, Contact Rossendales Debt Collection & Credit Management Services for a FREE credit review so we can provide you with all the assistance you need to take control of your finances.

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