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5 Tips to help you make better collection calls for better results

Published on 12/06/2015

Collection calls for businesses in Singapore usually fall at the bottom of the ‘to do’ pile. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to ask someone for money. It takes people out of their comfort zones. If you’re not having much success with collection calls, or you’re not confident in your ability to make them, here are five useful tips to help you:

1. Prepare in Advance

Don’t walk into the call unprepared. Prepare to deal with the myriad of excuses a customer may come up with.

If someone says the cheque is already on its way, ask them what the cheque number is. If there’s a problem with making the full payment, respond by asking for a partial payment or the establishment of a payment plan.

That way you can remain professional and evade their attempts at using excuses to buy more time.

2. Be Positive

Debtors respond to tone. If you go into a call in a negative manner, expect to have the debtor respond in kind. Act as if this is your first call and nothing bad has happened. If you’re flustered, wait a few minutes prior to making the next call.

3. Speak with Authority

You’re not making a call to a friend. You’re not here to make anyone feel comfortable. Be firm with your requests and speak with authority. Debtors who believe they’re talking to someone who’s a bit of a pushover will attempt to get one over on them. People who speak with authority and firmness are generally listened to.

4. Emotion is a Weapon

Some people in Singapore may attempt to get angry to force you to end the conversation. Don’t fall for it. Remain calm and the debtor won’t have anyone to argue with. It takes two to tango and emotion can be used as a weapon against you.

5. Get the Commitment

You’re here for a commitment to payment or a payment plan. Get a firm promise from the debtor otherwise it’s a wasted call. Don’t let them string you along with statements like: “I’ll get to it next week.”

The important thing is you follow up on this commitment afterwards. Don’t let them make false promises. Continue to hound them.

If you’re having problems collecting debts, it may be worth handing the issue over to a professional collection agency in Singapore. Get the experts to help and give yourself some peace of mind!