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Account Management Services in Singapore

Find out the credit status of your existing customers

Businesses, Companies and Organizations often look for financing from a variety of sources making it difficult for one lender to identify the risks involved in providing a loan agreement. In many cases there are no signs of a debtors history, including bankruptcy and insolvency, as often multiple lines of credit are used to ensure payments are kept up-to-date.

Rossendales Account Management Service (AMS) is for credit providers, lenders, and businesses that provide credit terms to their customers. Rossendales allows you to access the existing credit information of a potential borrower on the Rossendales credit bureau database so you may review credit options and manage overdue accounts and unpaid debts.

Implementing a hard-working and highly effective customer account management strategy can be a difficult task for business owners. Rossendales Account Management Service can help you manage existing customers' credit accounts or can assist with the recovery and collection of outstanding debts.

Rossendales can help your business remain debt free by:

  • Provide you with information on a business’ credit history with other credit providers as held on Rossendales credit database.
  • Offer insights into an account holder's credit history helping you to effectively manage the customer account and minimize the risk of default
  • Delivering fast, accurate and informative reports.

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